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Welcome to Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching where we go beyond the field to focus on individual player development . Whether you're a complete beginner or aspiring professional, we offer tailored 1-2-1 sessions with UEFA B License Football Coach Floyd Johnson. 

Our specialized one-to-one coaching is designed to enhance technical skills, physical abilities, and cultivate a winning mindset, ultimately boosting confidence on and off the pitch. Join us on a journey that tailors training to your unique needs, fostering a well-rounded and resilient football player. 


Embarking on the exciting journey of football, our one-to-one coaching for beginners offers a supportive and personalized approach to kickstart your passion for the sport. Tailored to individual needs, our sessions prioritize fundamental skills, instilling a strong foundation in ball control, passing, and basic tactical understanding. 

With a dedicated coach by your side, you'll receive focused guidance, fostering a comfortable environment to build confidence and enjoyment in every session. Whether you're taking your first steps onto the field or refining your initial skills, our one-to-one coaching ensures a positive and enriching introduction to the beautiful game. 


In our one-to-one football coaching program, we specialize in refining and elevating technical skills to unleash a player's full potential on the field. These personalized sessions are meticulously designed to address individual needs, focusing on ball control, precision passing, dribbling finesse, and advanced techniques tailored to the player's position. 

Our dedicated coach provides targeted feedback, corrective strategies, and intensive drills, ensuring a comprehensive enhancement of technical proficiency. Whether you're looking to sharpen your striking abilities, master defensive maneuvers, or improve overall ball mastery, our specialized one-to-one coaching is the key to unlocking a new level of technical excellence in your football journey. 


In our one-to-one football coaching sessions, we go beyond refining technical skills to emphasise a unique focus on building confidence and social skills. Tailored specifically to individual needs, our sessions create a supportive environment where players can express themselves freely on the field. 

Through personalised encouragement and positive reinforcement, we aim to enhance not only football abilities but also overall confidence, fostering a sense of self-assurance both in the game and in social interactions. Our coaching approach goes beyond the pitch, aiming to empower players to navigate teamwork and communication with ease, ensuring a holistic development that extends beyond football skills alone. 


Embark on a transformative football journey where a specialized focus on fitness and nutrition takes center stage. Tailored to individual needs, our sessions integrate comprehensive fitness training routines and personalised nutrition guidance. By combining strategic workouts with nutritional insights, we strive to optimise performance and enhance overall well-being. 

Floyd works closely with players, not only refining football skills but also fostering a holistic approach to health. This unique blend of personalised fitness and nutrition coaching ensures that athletes not only excel on the field but also cultivate habits that contribute to long-term physical well-being and peak performance.


In our one-to-one football coaching, we place a distinct emphasis on developing a profound mental understanding of the game. Beyond refining technical skills, our sessions delve into the intricacies of strategic thinking, decision-making, and maintaining a resilient mindset on the field. Tailored to individual strengths and challenges, our coaching nurtures a deep understanding of game dynamics, positioning, and situational awareness. 

By honing mental agility, players not only elevate their performance but also enhance their ability to adapt, anticipate, and make strategic choices during play. Our goal is to empower athletes with the mental tools to navigate the complexities of football, fostering a comprehensive and strategic approach to the beautiful game. 


At  Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching we emphasize the "Mindset For Success" in our sessions, with players like Broghan at Chelsea FC Academy, Kayden at Fulham FC Academy, Wales Women's International Immy Lancaster, and Tarique Fosu excelling at Premiership side Brentford FC. Recognizing the importance of the right mindset, Floyd specializes in working with players at the elite level, providing ongoing support throughout their careers.

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions with Floyd Johnson begin at £50 per hour, 

with options for 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and 2-hour sessions. 

Group sessions are also available, please contact us for more information and prices.

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Knowledge is Power

"Knowledge is Power" is our philosophy at Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching, emphasizing the crucial chemistry between player and coach for success. Tailoring each session to create a comfortable and relaxed environment, we focus on building confidence and ensuring improvement in every aspect of the game. 

With a belief that no two players are alike, we design completely bespoke programs, addressing individual needs whether it's technique, fitness, or confidence. Our structured approach caters to players at all levels, from beginners to professionals, working towards specific goals. 

UEFA B Licence

Floyd Johnson's possession of a UEFA B Licence signifies his capability to serve as a head coach for men's amateur clubs, coach youth teams up to age 16, and act as an assistant coach for professional clubs. This qualification highlights his expertise and credentials within the realm of football coaching.

23 Years Experience

With 23 years of experience, Floyd Johnson has established a notable career in football, coaching youth teams and contributing to the development of professional and development teams across Britain. His extensive experience reflects a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of football coaching.

Enhanced DBS Check

Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching prioritizes safety and security. All staff and volunteers undergo a valid Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, ensuring that everyone associated with the club has undergone a thorough background check. 

Premier League Clubs

Floyd Johnson's extensive experience includes attending England training camps and working with several Premier League football clubs, such as Reading FC, Fulham FC, and Tottenham Hotspur FC. His involvement with top-tier clubs further underscores his expertise and contributions to the football community.

Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching Session with Fulham FC Academy Players

What do people say?

Testimonials about Floyd Johnson and Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching:

1. Nicholas, 17 years old: "Coach Floyd turned me into a better footballer and a better man. Thanks to him, I am now an Academy player, and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for us."

2. Mason's parents: "Floyd took the time to evaluate what areas Mason needed to work on, teaching him not just the game but important life skills. Mason is now training with professional football clubs."

3. Tariqe Fosu's mother: "Floyd has been working with Tariqe to develop his strength, football skills, and vision. We value the support and contribution he brings."

4. Ryheem Scheckleford: "Ryheem's success is the hard work of Mr. Johnson, and he continues to be fully behind Ryheem."

5. Tia Bailey's mother: "Tia's success can be attributed to Floyd, who has been instrumental in instructing and coaching her, building confidence in her ability."

6. Freya Glenn: "Floyd has been a constant support for Freya and has given her the confidence to grow as a player."

7. Immy Lancaster: "I don't believe I would have achieved this without my playing time under Floyd and the further encouragement and support he's given me since."

8. Ayo Majekodunmi: "Through my sessions, Floyd helped me to turn the weaknesses in my game into strengths using the theory of football and practical tools."

9. Jesse Richard: "He helps me with my fitness, giving me good regimes to do to build my strength."

10. Broghan, Chelsea FC Under 10s: "Floyd helped me understand my position, simplifying it, so it was easy for me to understand and helped me to read the game much better."

11. Rishan, English Swimming Champion: "Floyd has also taught Rishan the skill of visualization which has significantly improved his mental focus."

These testimonials highlight the positive impact Floyd Johnson and Axten 1-2-1 Football Coaching have had on players, not just in their football skills but also in their personal development.

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot